Bedwars Stats

Hypixel Bedwars Stats

Welcome to! You can find statistics for Bedwars players on Hypixel on this website. Tip: You should check your stats and share the link with your friends to show how amazing you are.

How to Use

This website,, is very easy to use. Type in the username of the player you want to see data for. Then, press the blue "View Stats" button to see the stats.

Additional Information

You can see player and game data and Hypixel stats for Bedwars on this website. This is a tracker for a player's stats in Bedwars (BW) and is also a stat checker. You could add your stats link to your Hypixel forum signature and share it with your friends. We are currently developing a leaderboard for bedwars and more cool things. See your total bedwars stats in hypixel and this is how you check stats. We appreciate you visiting!

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API Information

Note: The API is being reworked because of API access restrictions. The API returns nicely-formatted JSON of a player's stats.